b-MOLA GO Portable Air Purifier NCCO 1804


This Air Treatment Unit is powerful in our domestic range of products and is manufactured including our world-wide patented NCCO technology. Ideal for the removal of odor, bacteria/viruses, VOCs and Formaldehyde from home and office

  • Stylish leather handle easy to carry and place in different operating environments.

  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery giving 8 hours of energy – therefore not limited for use inside the house.

  • Multi color options – fits every mood or location.


Removes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses*

Centrifugal fan technology ensures air handling rate

Easy to operate











NCCO long-term filter element

Can be used in car

Purify a 50-foot space once every 28 minutes

VOC removal

Remove Virus

Remove Smoke Smell

Filter Pollen

Filter fine dust and PM2.5

Remove formaldehyde

Filter dust and PM10

Filter pet hair and dander








Pay attention to the fresh air in the car, the cabin air purifier is your good companion

Poor air quality while driving will affect your health in the long run, and even lead to traffic accidents. Air quality is linked to people’s health. Breathing air containing harmful substances for a long time will damage the body. In addition, the air circulation in the car is low. If you do not pay attention to the air quality, its destructive power is more serious than “second-hand smoke”. The cleanliness of the car air also affects the driver’s reaction speed, the effect is the same as people feel drowsy in a stuffy environment. This is more obvious when driving. Therefore, the air purification of the car cabin is a very important part.

The compartment usually only relies on the air conditioner for ventilation, and the air quality in the compartment will drop sharply under the circumstances of the number of passengers, unfavorable ventilation environment, and the heating of the leather goods under the sun. If you have excellent air quality in such an environment, you can only buy a car cabin air purifier. Compared with ordinary household machines, the power is naturally less, and usually it can only meet the space of less than 100 square feet, but the performance is actually not good at all. Not inferior to the home machine.

Please pay attention to the problem of fresh air in the car. Don’t ignore the role of the cleaner. The human body breathes all the time, and the air quality in the car is directly linked to your health. In fact, the clean air brought by the recommended car air purifier can also help to improve your driving experience and make you feel refreshed and happy.


Testing Report

Test items Clean Air Delivery Ratio (CADR) Report Test lab
Cigarette smoke 13 m3/h REPAP18080601 Acron
Formaldehyde 97.4% REPAP18121101 Acron


Body Structure

The 1st layer: Oxygen generator
The 2nd layer: High-efficiency filter
The 3rd layer: Oxygen polymerization and decomposition reaction layer

Product Specification

Output power (watts): 1.3W-2.5W
Air volume (cubic meter/hour): 12-25
Noise level (decibel): 34-38
Product Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm): 160(L) x 73(W) x 160(H)
Net weight (kg): 0.85


Package Includes

1 x Machine Body

1 x Power Adapter

1 x HEPA Filter

1 x NCCO Reactor

1 x USB Power Cord

1 x Ribbon

1 x Screwdriver

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Blue, Pink, Beige, White

Unit Dimension

160 X 160 X 88 mm